I Want Our Relationship to Last

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I thought I would never
Find the right person
To love
Until I met you

And since I have
Always thought that
Love is the most
Important part of my life
I want our love
To last and
To be as beautiful
As it is now

I want our love
To be the backbone
Of our lives forever

Our love came naturally
But I know that
We must both work
At making it last

So I will try my hardest
At all times
To be fair and honest with you

I will
Strive for my own goals
And help you achieve yours

I will always try
To understand you

I will always
Let you know what I am thinking

I will always
Try to support you

I will try
To successfully blend
Our lives together
With enough freedom
To grow as individuals

I wiil always
Consider each day
With you special

Regardless of
What events
Occur in our lives
I will make
Sure that our
Relationship flourishes
As I will always
Love and respect you
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